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Our philosophy

Know how to succeed

When we founded AlbionVC in 1996 we set out to partner with visionary entrepreneurs to create successful companies across a range of industries.

A lot has changed since, however the way we do business has not. We are supportive investors, not operators, who strive for excellence and show ethics and humility in our interactions with founders and with each other.

We invest in startups with potential to grow into enduring companies that reshape industries. In doing so we achieve top quartile returns for our investors.

Today we focus on the software and healthcare sectors in the UK. The knowledge and insights we have built up over the last 26 years have given us an ability to spot companies that are set to become global category leaders. And have shaped our understanding of the tools & support we can offer them on their journey.

All of this is only possible because of the long term, considerate yet high performing culture, embodied by an inspiring team, half of whom have been doing this for well over a decade.

Meet our team.

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