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People are at the heart of all early stage startups. Your ability to scale and build a category leading company is dependent on your ability to hire a high performing team. This section brings together best in class hiring guides and frameworks for early stage technology entrepreneurs.

Hiring Framework

Discover the
Hiring Playbook.

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Hiring mindset. How to develop it?

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The Trust Index: How to develop a cohesive team.

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At AlbionVC we believe in human potential. We know that founder leaders are built, not born. This section provides toolkit to help founders stay at the helm of their companies from the early days to IPO and beyond.


Six founder investable characteristics. Do you have them? Are you investable?

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Leadership checklist- six investable characteristics. How to develop them?

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How to develop three mental leadership attributes

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Why founder leadership matters? Our manifesto

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Leadership program

Uncover your leadership potential with Found to Lead.

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At AlbionVC we are committed to help accelerate growth for every year in the life of a founder. In this section we share time tested frameworks to build and scale technology companies. Some of the resources were developed a while back, yet we believe they are just as relevant today.

Resource: 2019 vintage

Is your startup fit to scale?

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Frame: 2017 vintage

What SaaS metrics matter?

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Launch and start building your startup with proven tools, frameworks and know-how content.