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Oviva's app-based obesity and diabetes care prescribed to 500,000 patients

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A milestone in the digital health revolution

Oviva – a leading digital health company established in 2014, announces that its app-based obesity and diabetes care has been prescribed to over 500,000 patients across Europe.

“The fact that over 500,000 people in Europe rely on Oviva to help them achieve their health goals is further proof of the effectiveness of our product. We are proud of our role in improving patient care with our technology-enabled solutions.”

Kai Eberhardt, CEO and co-founder of Oviva,

Overweight and obesity affect more than 50% of adults worldwide. Oviva focuses on providing
effective and accessible care to people living with weight-related conditions through combining
their medical device certified app and care from their team of healthcare professionals. Oviva
participants lose over 5% of their body weight in 6 months, driving down health risks such as
blood pressure and high cholesterol, whilst those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes
significantly improve their blood glucose control, which prevents them developing
complications related to the condition. In just 3 months, they reduce their HbA1c levels by an
average of 6.8 mmol/mol, based on data from the last nine years. More than 15,000 physicians
in Europe are already prescribing Oviva.

Embracing trends in obesity care

With the rise of GLP-1 analogs, the landscape of obesity and diabetes treatment is undergoing
a significant shift. Kai Eberhardt highlights: “These medications are becoming a tangible reality
for people with weight-related diseases. In our tailored pathways, we focus on necessary
changes in diet and lifestyle, ensuring not only improved results and safety during drug therapy
but also preparing them for sustained weight management post-treatment.”

Simultaneously, the healthcare system’s digital evolution is strengthening support for virtual
medical products or digital therapeutics (DTx). In Germany, “Oviva Direkt für Adipositas”, an app
designed for weight reduction in cases of severe obesity (body mass index of 30-40), was
officially included in the directory of digital health applications (DiGA) by the German Federal
Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices this summer.