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Tenpoint Therapeutics launches with $70 Million Series A

Life Sciences UCL Tech Fund


Tenpoint Therapeutics, a biotechnology company pursuing vision-restoring engineered cell-based therapeutics and in vivo reprogramming to address degenerative ocular diseases, today announced its launch with a $70 million Series A financing to develop its regenerative medicine platform to target multiple cell types related to inherited and age-related conditions. The financing was led by F-Prime Capital, Sofinnova Partners and British Patient Capital, and included us at the UCL Technology Fund and additional founding investment from Qiming Venture Partners USA, Eight Roads.

Tenpoint was established based on the pioneering work of its scientific founders from Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College London Institute of Ophthalmology, Institut de la Vision, and the University of Washington who have developed engineered cell-based therapeutics to support production of specific native and engineered cells and have performed translational research to establish preclinical and clinical proof-of-concept.

“We’re thrilled to finally announce the launch of Tenpoint Therapeutics and the closing of its $70m Series A round. This is a truly world-class academic and executive team, and UCLTF are delighted to support them in their quest to revolutionise the treatment of debilitating ocular diseases with cell-based therapies.

Tanel Ozdemir, Investor UCL Technology Fund

“Cell-based therapeutics represent an ideal modality for degenerative ocular diseases since most vision loss results from damaged or missing tissue; in recent years, a number of new technological advancements have converged to make this modality both clinically viable and scalable,” said Eddy Anglade, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Tenpoint Therapeutics.
“At Tenpoint, we are focused exclusively on the eye and on harnessing recent advances in regenerative biology to advance our therapies as we work to change the future for people with vision loss by addressing its underlying causes.”

Full press release here.