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HTBC TechBio. Session 2

By Leigh Brody

Time: 08:30
Location: London
Deeptech Healthtech Life Sciences

Hosted by


​The TechBio Chapter of the HTBC intends to put the intersection of biology and technology in the spotlight. Led by Leigh Brody, Investment Manager AlbionVC, the sessions welcome founders, operators, and investors to gather over breakfast, the most important meal of the day, for engaging discussions and networking opportunities within the dynamic field of techbio.

​The format is a facilitated roundtable discussions with guest speakers or experts, encouraging all attendees to bring questions, insights, and ideas to the breakfast table.

​TechBio discussions will explore new frontiers converging biology and technology. This intersection promises a new playbook for tackling complex challenges across biological understanding, AI drug discovery, digital health and clinical research. Join us as we dive into the data-driven transition from biotech to techbio: implications of how current technologies are displacing bench work, where the opposite is occuring, and how we as an industry/ecosystem are keeping pace with the rapid technological advancement.

​The HTBC TechBio breakfasts will occur quarterly, so if you can’t make this one be sure to keep in touch for future events.

This month’s panel will be made up of:

  • Darren Green – Director of Cheminformatics at GSK​
  • Namshik Han – Principal Investigator at University of Cambridge
  • Charlotte Barttelot – Principal at MMC
  • Peter Crane – CEO and Co-Founder of Caeruleus Genomics


​08:30: Arrival

​08:45: Welcome and kick of the start up roundtable

​09:00: Roundtable discussion

​09:30: Networking & finishing the last of the coffee

​​Many thanks to Dawn Capital for hosting us this quarter at their offices!

If you’re interested in joining (limited spaces), sign up by clicking below

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