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AlbionVC Sustainability & ESG report


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Establishing sustainable business practices both within our own business and across the
companies we back has been ingrained in AlbionVC from the early days. In recent years this
process has become systematised, governed by UN PRI principles. Today we use the ESG
framework to achieve desired outcomes for all stakeholders and drive appropriate risk-returns.

Events of the past 12 months have demonstrated that, during periods of uncertainty and rapid change, it is crucial to establish solid operational principles, surround yourselves with the best possible team and incorporate interests of all stakeholders to deliver growth, minimise unintended consequences and drive positive impact.

This report is a collection of shared learnings from our team and companies. It is designed to
highlight progress achieved to date, celebrate successes and flag areas for change.

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“For us, it is a part of a long-term journey to do venture differently, to create a more collaborative, diverse and dynamic tech sector that works for all parts of the ecosystem.”


It is still early days for establishing what good ESG metrics look like for private, venture backed
technology companies. To bring transparency to the ecosystem, keep ourselves accountable and support our founders and their teams we publish aggregated data across Environmental, Social and Governance metrics for AlbionVC backed companies.

38 companies (84% all companies) completed ESG assessment for 2022. Where available we
compare the data to 2021 findings and included an industry comparison. Appendix with ESG data and benchmarks here.