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Gaussion, a fast-charging battery startup, raises £2.85 million seed round



Gaussion, a UCL spinout that has developed new technology to allow ultrafast and safe battery charging, has raised £2.85 million in a seed investment round led by BGF and UCL Technology Fund (UCLTF).

The patent-pending rapid charging technology is primed to disrupt the global EV market by unlocking maximum power for re-charging while minimising degradation within the EV battery. The technology is agnostic to battery chemistry, promising a continued wide range of applications as improved battery technologies come to market.

Dr Thomas Heenan, co-founder and CEO of Gaussion, said: “Gaussion’s vision is to bring affordable rapid charging to the mass market by allowing the average EV to achieve a week’s worth of driving in a sub-10-minute charge. Our commercially viable technology represents a novel, cost-effective, rapid charging solution for both today’s batteries, and future battery technologies.”

Gaussion’s technology can unlock truly ‘rapid’ charging on existing commercially available battery cells. The team has taken commercial cells designed to charge in one to five hours and demonstrated 1,000+ cycles of consecutive 10-minute charging while still meeting all warranty specifications. Gaussion was first conceived by Dr Heenan and Dr Tan back in 2017 at the UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab. Inspired by their earlier work using particle accelerators to analyse energy materials such as batteries and fuel cells, they saw an opportunity to apply similar technologies to tackle commercial challenges.

“Gaussion has the potential to be a truly disruptive global company that pushes the world to a more mobile and sustainable future. We have been highly impressed with the progresses the team have achieved in a short space of time, and look forward to supporting them alongside BGF


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