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Podcast: Framework for success – Dr Molly Gilmartin & Dr Mustafa Sultan

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Dr Molly Gilmartin is an Investment Manager at AlbionVC who manage over $1bn in assets and have invested in companies like Arecor, Healios and Pando.

She studied Medicine at Oxford, was a founding team member of Pando, Chief Commerical Officer of Induction Healthcare, a Consultant at McKinsey and now an Investor at AlbionVC.

In this episode of Big Picture Medicine with Dr Mustafa Sultan, Molly reflects on:

  • The psychology of communication (incl. strength based feedback vs radical candour)
  • How being inquisitive can get you very far
  • The emerging B2C2B model in healthcare

“Your gut instinct is your own machine learning algorithm”


Listen on Spotify here.

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