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Why we invested in AVORA?

Perspective, by Cat McDonald

AI / Data


Data-driven processes are essential for any firm

Yet even the largest enterprises struggle to extract useful information from data sources dispersed across multiple applications and teams. This leaves many functions unable to make objective, business-critical decisions, instead operating on opinions and whims.

Such Business Information as exists today typically requires big, bespoke data warehouse projects, building rigid data models to integrate several separate data tools. This approach is time-consuming, complex, costly and inflexible.

AVORA has developed a next generation, cloud BI platform that revolutionises this laborious process.

The platform automates and integrates this whole process into a single, slick, full stack solution. It is not ETL, it is not storage, it is not analytics, it is not visualisation – it’s all of the above. While only shifting focus to enterprise customers a year ago, AVORA is already transforming day-to-day operations for impressive blue-chip customers such as Telefonica, OMD, HBO, NPR and Ocado.

We are particularly excited about the embedded AI, which can detect anomalies across vast datasets and alert users to changes in business performance, providing real-time identification of the root-cause of such change. AVORA has achieved this via its unique architecture, which ingests data in its raw form, creating virtual data models in memory. Avoiding pretransformations, AVORA can run queries in seconds and load to high frequency. As a result, users are empowered with immediate, actionable insights, such as the ability to track the real-time ROI impact of an ad campaign.

We are thrilled to support Ricky and the team at AVORA as they power the next wave of transformation in enterprise intelligence.

As we evolve into a data-driven economy, effective use of data is shifting from a source of competitive advantage to a foundational operational requirement.

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