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Why we invested in Treefera

By Paul Lehair

Climate Tech Fintech


The combination of an enormous problem addressed by exceptional founders is the perfect combination that we strive to look for. It was clear from our first call that we had found it in Treefera. They have developed a unique data platform providing granular, accurate and trustworthy insights on trees and other nature-based assets. Treefera is on a mission to make the true power of nature-based solutions visible to all. We are delighted to announce that they have selected us at AlbionVC to lead their $12m Series A round.

As the planet heats up, the need for technology applied to forest conservation is becoming more pressing than ever. Nature-based assets are increasingly critical to decarbonise the economy given they are the most efficient mechanism for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Investment in these nature-based solutions is predominantly driven through the carbon markets where instruments such as carbon credits and carbon offsets are created and traded by a wide range of developers, investors and enterprises globally. 

However, data quality is the biggest hurdle in valuing and investing in these assets: existing nature-based data is typically inaccurate, difficult to find and hard to understand and to trust. These issues also have impact beyond carbon credits and in particular on supply chains. Policy makers and regulators recognise the issue and new regulations, such as the EU’s Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), require new transparency into deforestation in supply chains, which is another strong driver of demand for good quality nature-based data.

Treefera has developed an AI-enabled data management platform for all nature-based assets, with 100% global coverage of both registered nature-based asset projects and potential projects. Treefera’s platform expedites the complex process of measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) carbon credits and delivers customer centric, understandable and trustworthy data. Treefera’s secret sauce comes from its data pipelines/data engineering and importantly the customer focused insights layer it has built as well as its deep learning/AI models, which makes its platform uniquely scalable and fast.

As a result, Treefera’s has quickly established product-market fit and category leadership position in this emerging market with a broad range of customers such as project developers, biochar producers, registries, financial services operating in the carbon market, supply chain businesses and bioenergy/fuels industries.

More than anything, we were impressed by Treefera’s founders’ experience, complementarity, vision and ambition. Jonathan (Co-Founder/CEO) was previously an MD within risk, AI and data analytics at JPMorgan and Citi and is a physicist by background. Caroline (Co-Founder/CRO) was formerly Chief Customer Officer of UiPath, is an exceptional GTM leader and one of very few software execs in Europe who have contributed to a decacorn software exit. Caroline and Jonathan have also assembled a rockstar team around them and their execution pace blows us away.

AlbionVC is thrilled to be partnering with Treefera by leading their $12m Series A round. We truly believe Treefera has the capability to build a generational company that addresses humanity’s most significant challenge and helps companies and the world on their transition to a net zero future.