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Katya Pogudina

Head of Marketing

Joined April 2020


Katya leads on marketing strategy for both AlbionVC and the wider Albion Group. She oversees all storytelling, branding, and communications across multiple funds. 

A former operator, Katya combines data, creativity and confidence in delivering strategies, and when creating events for the AlbionVC community. 

The marketing expert, who has championed ethics in the venture ecosystem ever since she joined the team in 2020, also leads on the further development of our sustainability initiatives and ESG framework. Katya sits on the VentureESG steering committee. She knows from experience that founders who root their operations in ESG from the start are more likely to see their startups become the category leaders of tomorrow. 

Katya started out on her career in the City working across commodities, shipbroking and B2B financial sales. Looking for a new and entrepreneurial challenge, she then co-founded and ran KidPix, a successful marketplace for boutique children’s brands. It was as a founder that Katya cemented her passion for startups and technology – and fully realised the vital importance of good marketing.


Katya loves art, restorative exercise, and time spent well with family and friends. An ideal day for the marketing director starts with an early morning hot yoga session, then time spent walking with her Labrador and listening to one of the many beloved tech/VC/CMO podcasts. When not exploring the latest art exhibition, Katya is likely to be found riding a bike around Battersea Park with her daughters – or pouring a perfect spicy margarita with her friends. Or watching Star Wars.

My favourite Maya Angelou quote has always been: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”