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Sebastian Hunte

Investment Manager

UCL Tech Fund

Joined 2022


Sebastian is an investor in the UCL Technology Fund’s Computer and Physical Sciences investment team where he focuses on deeptech opportunities including Machine Learning, Cleantech, Medtech, Hardware and Quantum Computing. Prior to joining AlbionVC Sebastian worked as the Technology Architect and tech team lead for a think tank advising the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Barbados. Sebastian holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate degrees, he co-founded and led two start-ups to signing partnership agreements with The University of The West Indies, winning the companies’ first contracts and raising their first investments.


Sebastian spends much of his free time listening to music, catching up on missed football matches, or reading about AI. He is an avid coder who enjoys developing his own software. His coding projects to date range from fintech applications to mobile games. Sebastian is also always looking out for any news about the Caribbean tech industry. 

Seb has partnered with Oriole Networks and Stanhope AI.

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