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Simon Goldman


Life Sciences UCL Tech Fund

Joined 2015


Simon manages the UCL Technology Fund’s life-science team, focusing on therapeutics, delivery systems, diagnostics and medical devices arising from the University College London knowledge ecosystem.

He completed his PhD (and postdoc) in neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, prior to which he worked for seven-and-a-half years at Goldman Sachs JBWere in Melbourne, predominantly on the Healthcare/Biotech and Portfolio Strategy Research teams.

He worked in several roles across the UK and Australian biotech startup sectors before joining Albion in 2015.


Simon is a dedicated – and somewhat evangelical – rock-climber and alpine mountaineer, and an active member of the London and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Choruses. He is a Fellow Commoner of Queens’ College, Cambridge.

“I’m motivated by the enormous problem-solving exercise that is the translation of academic innovation, and by the chance to support the journey of the teams who use great science to create global impact”


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