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David Grimm


UCL Tech Fund

Joined 2016


David manages the UCL Technology Fund’s Computer and Physical Sciences investment team. Investing in a wide range of exciting deeptech opportunities, including Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Cleantech, Medtech, Edtech and Hardware. He has spent 10 years investing in early-stage technology-differentiated opportunities, including 4 years at Spark Ventures prior to joining AlbionVC. He started his career at Detica before his interest in using high growth businesses to make real impact led to him moving to China to work in an FMCG startup and then moving to the investment side. He holds an M.Sci in Natural Sciences (Mathematics and Chemistry).


Dave is a father to two daughters, and he hopes he’ll get the hang of it soon. When he’s not working on that he’s likely to be playing his guitars (or thinking about buying another guitar). If it’s sunny you might find him in a field in Bedfordshire playing Jian Zi. He’s also an active member of his local church and works with a charity delivering restorative justice courses in prisons.

I work with some of the smartest people on the planet and help them with the founding and building of companies to take their ground breaking innovations to market. It’s a privilege to help some incredible people begin and grow in their entrepreneurial journies.


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