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ClimateTech Breakfast Club

Curated by Adam Chirkowski, Lauren Apostolidis

Archived event
Climate Tech


This month, Adam Chirkowski, investment director, hosted our first ClimateTech Breakfast Club, bringing together a brilliant group of angel investors to talk all things climate, the investment opportunities and some of the challenges facing the startup ecosystem.

Thank you to our exceptional co-host Nic Lenz for helping curate the group and guide what is the first of many such conversations, as well as the awesome angels who took part. 

The main topics of the session were the role of software in the energy transition and the intersection of ClimateTech and FinTech.

Key takeaways:

  • Mission and economics aren’t, and can’t be mutually exclusive;
  • Both on a standalone basis and together with hardware solutions, software is vital as an enabler and accelerator in the transition;
  • Vehicle to grid has huge potential, but we have some way to go in respect of market timing;
  • Energy markets are ripe for disruption but the approach needs to be considered as the last thing customers want is disrupted supply;
  • The ClimateTech space could be the new FinTech in 10 years time – the mission is driving consumer centric innovation and forcing change from incumbents.

For any Angel Investors involved in the ClimateTech space interested in being a part of future events, please get in touch!

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