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Why we invested in 5Mins?

Perspective, by Nadine Torbey

AI / Data


5Mins AI, the gamified learning platform reinventing employee upskilling, has raised $5.7M in a seed round led by us at AlbionVC. In this video, discover why we got so excited about this young company and the incredible market they are looking to fix for all employees everywhere.

Here Nadine Torbey, Investor AlbionVC chats with Saurav Chopra, CEO and founder 5Mins.

5Mins sits at the crossroads of two massive shifts: employee engagement on one side and ‘TikTokisation of everything’ on the other. The impressive commercial momentum and next level user engagement the company has been experiencing in a short amount of time is testament that the market is craving for more personalised, engaging learning tools. Saurav has a lot of experience in the space which makes him uniquely well placed to disrupt this large broken market. We are so thrilled to be partnering with him and the whole team to achieve this ambitious vision!

Nadine Torbey, INVESTMENT Director

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