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Jay Wilson


AI / Data Digital Risk Fintech

Joined 2019


Prior to joining the team in 2019, Jay was an advisor with Bain & Company’s Private Equity Group. Today he is particularly interested in the B2B financial services space, in the next generation of enterprise data architecture, and in technology orchestration. He is always questioning, and looks for entrepreneurs challenging traditional business models. 

Jay is adept at partnering with management teams, and draws on his experiences offering an analytical viewpoint to leaders in his role. The Partner holds a first class MMath Mathematics Degree from the University of Exeter, and an MBA from London Business School/ The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Jay is currently “fully embracing the work/life blend”. When not on a call with a founder, the father-of-two can reliably be found looking after his young children – or taking a Peloton class. Quieter moments see Jay trying out a new meditation practice or attempting to learn about Web 3. The investor is also an avid reader who has set himself the (admirable) goal of reading 50 books each year. 

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play a part in the genesis and growth of ventures that may go on to change the world. It’s a privilege to work with inspirational founders, and I love it!

JAY WILSON, Investment diector

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