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Gita Kler


AI / Data Deeptech Digital Risk Fintech Healthtech

Joined September 2021


Gita is an analyst at AlbionVC, where she amalgamates her diverse experiences to help the fund build a state-of-the-art platform to support the growth of our portfolio companies. She brings over five years of experience working in start-ups, and national and multinational corporations across healthtech, fintech and e-commerce. Prior to joining AlbionVC, Gita helped build a Dutch re-commerce start-up, where she managed data analytics in close conjunction with finance, marketing, and technology. She has also been on both sides of the acquisition deals and has helped companies drive process improvements, implement software solutions and gain visibility over their day-to-day and month-to-month performance. Gita holds a BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Amsterdam and is pursuing a Master’s in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation at the LSE.


Having grown up near the Black Sea, Gita has a great love for the beach. Food is also close to her heart, and while studying in Italy, she developed a passion for making Pinsa Romana at home. Now that she’s back, she enjoys rediscovering London as well as indulging in a good audiobook whilst going for a run alongside the Thames.

Collaborating with innovators and changemakers as they explore unchartered territories, new technologies, ideas and approaches is something that fuels my intellectual curiosity; it’s genuinely superbly energising!


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