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Molly Gilmartin

Investment Manager


Joined February 2022


Molly is a medically-trained former startup operator who brings a wealth of insights to her role as an investment manager at AlbionVC. She focuses on healthtech, and is constantly on the lookout for innovators devising products that can drive efficiency and better outcomes for patients. 

The investor was first inspired to pursue a career in healthtech as a medical student, where she was part of a team that established the National Reproductive Tissue Cryopreservation Service. The service allows children undergoing cancer treatment to preserve their fertility for the future, and its success relied on using new tech to connect hospitals and services. 

Molly joined AlbionVC in 2022 from consulting giant McKinsey & Company, where she focused on healthcare systems, services and technologies. Before her role at McKinsey, Molly was chief commercial officer of Induction Healthcare Group – a healthtech startup which successfully floated on London’s junior AIM market in 2019. 

The investment manager is also founding team member of healthcare comms startup, Pando, and has worked as an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Molly holds a degree in Medicine & Surgery, and a BA in Molecular Medicine, from Oxford University.


When not working, Molly loves catching up with friends – often while trying out trendy restaurants and wine bars. The former medic is also a keen singer and charity fundraiser. She recently set up a monthly Health Tech Breakfast Club, dedicated to improving access to the startup ecosystem for all underrepresented investors, founders and operators.

Molly works alongside Neurofenix, Peak Data, Peppy, and uMed.

I have seen the impact that the right technologies can have in delivering care on the front line. It is so exciting to see the biggest problems facing healthcare being tackled with boundless motivation and the vision that things can be done differently.


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